Don’t lose money

Make sure you’re getting the best deal for your gas and electricity.

Get the best deal

  • Check with your supplier that you’re on their cheapest tariff – once every 12 months is ideal.
  • Compare their cheapest tariff with those offered by other suppliers. You might be able to save money by switching.
  • If you’re on a prepayment meter, or receiving quarterly bills, moving to direct debit might be cheaper.
  • Give meter readings to your supplier every 2-3 months so that you don’t receive estimated bills.
  • Think about having free smart meters installed. These will automatically send readings to your supplier. While a smart prepayment meter makes it easier for you to top up over the phone and online.

Tips for reducing energy costs

  • Replace old fashioned light bulbs with the latest LED bulbs. Replacing six of these in your home could save you over £100 a year.
  • Appliances left on ‘standby’ still use energy. Switch off at the plug to avoid wasting money.
  • Don’t overfill your kettle. Only using the amount of water you need will save on electricity (and water if you have a meter).
  • Close your curtains at sunset. This will reduce the amount of heat lost through windows and help to block out draughts.

Get the best out of your heating system

  • Use your central heating timer / programmer to heat your home during the times that best suit your lifestyle.
  • Set your room thermostat to 18 - 21 degrees. You can adjust this up or down slightly depending on weather conditions.
  • Don’t use the room thermostat as an on and off switch as this wastes money. Heating times should always be controlled with the timer / programmer
  • Use your thermostatic radiator valves to create a comfortable temperature for every room.

Get more advice and tips from our Keep warm for less booklet. We will post one to you on request. Or book a home energy visit from Nick Charnock, our Energy Advisor from Starts with you. Nick will see what you can save in energy costs and help you switch to a better deal. All of this is free.

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