Support for Bolton’s street homeless

How you can help

When you see someone begging on the street, it can be hard to walk past without doing something. But handing over your spare change might not always be the answer. As part of a Bolton-wide campaign called Hope for Change, you can now make a donation that will give homeless people the support they need.

Hope for Change offers a convenient way for you to donate at collection pots in shops and banks across the town. The money is collected by local charity, Urban Outreach, and distributed to other charities that give targeted support to these vulnerable people.

The groundbreaking initiative is led by The Bolton Family – a partnership of more than 40 local organisations, businesses and charities working together to improve the borough and support vulnerable residents.

Dave Bagley, Chief Executive of Urban Outreach Bolton, explains: “Those who give money directly to people on the street have good intentions. But it doesn’t address the complicated range of issues they may be facing, such as addiction, mental health issues, or exposure to abuse or violence.

“The Bolton Family is committed to supporting people who find themselves in the worst possible situation, with no alternative but to beg on the streets. We can achieve more together as s a collective force, we can combine our resources and give targeted support to get people off the streets for good. That’s why we’re asking local residents to donate to Hope for Change instead of giving money directly to someone who’s homeless.

“Offering a sandwich or a hot drink is always a good idea, but if more people give to Hope for Change, we can help our homeless residents turn their lives around, rather than enabling their life on the street.”

To donate online or find out more, go to

Over the years, The Bolton Family has worked hard to improve the town and the lives of its residents. It’s estimated that so far its projects have benefitted tens of thousands of people in the town, with another 30,000 experiencing the knock-on benefits

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