A fresh start

Giving support to people leaving hospital

Providing a home can often be the starting point to helping someone make a fresh start. For those who are in crisis, leaving hospital or at risk of becoming homeless, specialist support is also vital.

In these situations, we work with people to help them maintain their tenancy, become more independent and thrive in the community.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve provided more homes and support to people leaving a mental health care setting. And for many young people it can mean moving into a home of their own for the first time.

Tracy Fallows is our Intervention Officer, working with our mental health partners to provide this service.

Tracy says: “We give urgent support to people who’ve been discharged from hospital but don’t have a home to go to. This work comes through our partnerships with Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust and Bolton Council’s Community Mental Health Team.”

Tracy Fallows, Intervention Officer.

Since starting in the role in late 2019, Tracy has helped 11 customers facing real challenges around their housing to overcome barriers that would ordinarily have prolonged their stay to move safely from hospital to a new home.

Help to live independently

Explaining how it works, Tracy says: “When someone is referred to us by a mental health professional, I’ll visit them in hospital and look over the care plan that’s been put in place by the mental health team. If I think we can support them once they’re housed, I’ll work with our Homefinder Services to find a suitable place for them to live and alongside mental health professionals we plan appropriate tenancy support at this critical time.

“Once a person has moved into their new home, I’ll support them until they’re capable and confident of looking after themselves and their home. And our different teams can help with things such as budgeting, and applying for entitlements, connecting them with local community groups and helping them prepare for work when they’re ready.

“It’s about safely and effectively empowering people who haven’t had the opportunity to live independently,” says Tracy. “As well as giving them a chance to live independently and enabling a better quality of life, we’re also reducing pressures on the NHS and mental health care system.”

If you’re currently homeless or need housing advice, please speak with Bolton Council’s Housing Options in the first instance on 01204 335900.

If you have a story to share, please email news@boltonathome.org.uk