Be aware of doorstep fraudsters

We’ve had reports of bogus callers turning up at people’s homes saying they’re from Bolton at Home or Bolton Council. These fraudsters might say they want to come into your home to check it’s safe. But they might be after your money and valuables.

Please be aware of anyone who turns up at your front door unexpectedly. To protect yourself, you should:

  • Ask for ID - ask to see identification from anyone wanting to come into your home. We always wear ID badges.
  • Phone us - if you’re worried, phone us. Our staff, or anyone working on our behalf, won’t be offended if you call us to check they are who they say they are.
  • Be on your guard - to protect yourself from doorstep crime, keep your doors locked and check first who’s knocking by looking through a door viewer or window if you can.

You can report bogus callers or anyone you think is suspicious by phoning us on 01204 328008 or emailing, and we encourage you to contact the police.

Look out for surveyors

For the vast majority of our visits to your home, you’ll know to expect us. But there’ll be some urgent or specific situations when we might need to visit you without an appointment.

This is currently the case with a stock condition survey we’re carrying out across the borough. A company called Pennington Choices is doing the survey on our behalf.

They’ve almost finished but may still visit you unannounced and ask to come in to do a quick survey, which should take 20-30 minutes. The surveyor from Penningtons will show you their ID, and you can check with us that their visit is legit.

It's important that you let us into your home to inspect it. As a responsible landlord we do this every five years to make sure your home is safe, modern and maintained to the highest possible standard.

Be aware of cold callers too

Cold callers are doorstep sellers who try to talk you into buying something, giving a donation or making a claim. We know that some of you have recently been approached by disrepair claim companies. These companies encourage tenants to make compensation claims against their landlord.

Please be aware that these companies want to make money out of you and your home. They’ll say the process is free for you, but you could end up paying out for surveys and other costs. We’ve even seen companies making claims against us without the tenant’s permission, and even faking their signature on paperwork.

The claims process can take a long time, with no guarantee of compensation and could mean the repairs you want doing need to be delayed.

Please contact us to resolve a repairs issue by phoning 01204 328000.

If you have a story to share, please email