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Our UCAN service is unique because it responds directly to people’s individual needs. Each of our UCAN teams offers local communities help with job searching, interview skills and CVs as well as money advice and support with health and wellbeing. It’s a friendly, non-judgmental service delivered by staff who care.

When the pandemic forced us to temporarily close the UCAN centres last year, we switched to an online service so that we could keep supporting and connecting with you. UCAN staff learned new digital skills and have managed to transform our six UCAN focused Facebook pages into hubs of information, activity and lively discussion.

We’ve created more than 100 videos on a range of topics including CV writing, cooking, crafts, food growing and personal wellbeing. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on seeing them before now, you’ll be able to watch these videos and new ones just by following our Facebook pages as other people are doing.

As well as our online service, you can still get one-to-one support over the phone or through video calls to help you with job hunting and any personal issues you might have.

We’re conscious that not everyone uses the internet and we want to help with that. We’re currently working with students at Manchester University to find out what we can do to get more residents online.

Tony Cottam Head of Employment Enterprise & UCAN Centres at Bolton at Home

To speak to one of our friendly UCAN project officers over the phone, call:

Breightmet UCAN Team

01204 329541

Deane UCAN Team

01204 329583

Johnson Fold UCAN Team

01204 329704

New Bury UCAN Team

01204 329786

Oldhams UCAN Team

01204 329563

Tonge Moor UCAN Team

01204 329563

Withins UCAN Team

01204 329643

How we’re supporting people

Despite the pandemic and rising unemployment figures, since April 2020 we’ve supported 66 people into work in areas such as transportation, retail and warehousing. Here’s how we’re helping two of our tenants improve their finances, wellbeing and job prospects.

Ian’s story

A Facebook post about our employment service prompted *Ian to get in touch with us. He’d been working as a self-employed carpet fitter but had to stop because of his mental health problems. Ian wanted support getting back into work and our UCAN Project Officer, Abbie Murphy, stepped in to help.

Abbie worked with Ian to create a new CV and helped with job searching and applications. After discovering that Ian also had some money issues, Abbie asked our Starts with you Money Advice Service to help Ian get his finances back on track

As Ian opened up more about his mental health, Abbie referred him to our specialist counselling service. From there, Ian got in touch with mental health charities, WHYSUP and MHIST (Mental Health Independent Support Team), which meant he was able to talk to others experiencing similar problems. He has since signed up to an online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course to help him keep on top of his depression and anxiety.

With employment support from Abbie, Ian went on to secure a job as a delivery driver before feeling well enough to resume work as a carpet fitter, running his own business.

He now does voluntary work for MHIST and has been helping to run a local support group for people with depression and anxiety. Keen to start a career working in mental health services, Ian is once again in touch with Abbie who is looking into courses and funding opportunities for him. After getting support for a range of issues, Ian says he’s in a much better place than he was eight months ago.

Chloe’s story

Young mum of two *Chloe was furloughed at the start of lockdown and was later made redundant. This led to some money problems and also had an impact on Chloe’s mental wellbeing. Already a member of one of our women’s groups, Chloe turned to our UCAN Project Officer, Christine Fitton, for support.

The first step was to help Chloe get a handle on her finances. Christine put her in touch with the Local Welfare Provision at Bolton Council, which supports people in financial crisis. Chloe got help to pay for her electricity and was also referred to our own Money Advice Service. With Chloe out of work, Christine knew it would be an anxious time for the young mum so the two kept in regular contact. Chloe also kept herself busy and learned some new skills by taking advantage of the online Facebook videos and women’s activity packs that Christine had put together.

Just recently, Chloe has felt ready to return to work and is keen to do some training to improve her job prospects. After being booked in a for a phone appointment with Christine to write a new CV, Chloe’s phone was cut off. Undeterred, the pair worked together using Facebook Messenger.

Chloe has gone on to do some online courses, which have been funded by the UCAN Team. She continues to get support as she moves forward with her plans to get back into work.

*names and images have been changed to protect residents privacy.

If you need help finding a job, have money worries or would like to speak to someone about your health and personal wellbeing then please get in touch with your local UCAN Team, see above.

If you have a story to share, please email