30 fun things for kids to do at home

We know it’s not easy keeping children entertained at home, so we’ve put together a month’s worth of activities to help keep them busy

1. Hold a teddy bears picnic – create some bear-shaped invitations, play pass the parcel and enjoy a picnic-style lunch with your teddies (sandwiches, chopped fruit and cake).

2. Do some finger paintings – use fingers to create a colourful garden scene or cut foam washing up pads or potatoes into different shapes and dip them into the paint.

3. Movie night – choose a family film, make some cinema tickets and design a poster for the movie. Close the curtains tuck into some popcorn and enjoy your home cinema experience.

4. Make a Father’s Day card – design your own Father’s Day card complete with verse, ready to give to dad on 21 June.

5. Create a bird feeder – attract birds to your garden space by making a simple bird feeder. Take a 2 litre plastic milk carton, cut out a large hole at the front, hang it from a tree and add some home-made bird feed (chopped apples, cooked rice and raisons).

6. Car wash – wash the family car and earn a bit of pocket money.

7. Create with cardboard – collect some unwanted cardboard boxes and create a house, robot, fire engine or campervan.

8. Build a den – create a den at home. Have lunch in your den, read a book and do some drawings.

9. Boot camp – do a ‘boot camp’ exercise routine in a room or outside space where it’s safe to do so. Try 10 laps of walking, 10 star jumps, 10 lots of touching toes, 10 side bends, and run on the spot for 10 seconds.

10. Play charades – think of books, films and songs to act out.

11. Make cookies – do our simple cookie recipe on page 4.

12. Play a board game or do a jigsaw.

13. Lego challenge – set a Lego challenge to see who can build a house or rocket the fastest.

14. Help with dinner – choose the dinner menu and help to prepare it with mum or dad, set the table and help to wash up.

15. Family quiz – hold a film quiz that the whole family can join in. Each person asks five questions each and the winner gets to choose a family film to watch.

16. Make a big rainbow – cut out a piece of cardboard box, draw on a rainbow and decorate it with different coloured crepe paper or felt tips then hang it in your window.

17. Put on a play – choose a story (book or film) and act it out in a play for the family.

18. Create a game – come up with an idea for a board game that you can design and make yourself.

19. Connect with friends – keep in touch with friends and relatives through FaceTime, Zoom or Skype (ask them to join in a game of charades or a quiz).

20. Tidy out your room – pick out any books or toys you don’t want and give them to friends and neighbours (put them in a box in front of your house for people to help themselves).

21. Design a coat of arms – create your own family coat of arms on paper or card.

22. Write a letter – pen a letter to a relative or friend you haven’t seen for a while and include a picture you’ve drawn yourself.

23. Stone art – pick some stones or pebbles from the garden and decorate them with acrylic paints or felt tips (patterns or funny faces work well).

24. Make a sock puppet – get an old sock and stitch on some buttons for eyes and wool for hair.

25. Hand it out – get each family member to paint their hand a different colour and print it onto card or paper. Write the name next to the hand and add the date – colourful reminder of family time during lockdown.

26. Make a paper aeroplane – get the whole family to create and design their own plane, give it a name and see whose plane travels the furthest.

27. Do some P.E – get involved in Joe Wicks’ online P.E classes, every day at 9am for 30 minutes on YouTube.

28. Write a story book – use an exercise book or some plain paper stapled together to write a story, don’t forget to illustrate it with pictures.

29. Play musical statues – dance to music and be still like a statue each time the music stops.

30. Little green fingers – help out with some gardening by planting seeds, doing some weeding and making a bird bath using a plastic tub.

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