Helping us create a better repairs service for you

Thanks for sharing your views

For many of you, the repair and maintenance of your home is the most important service we provide so it’s essential that we get it right. We want to give you a repairs service where jobs are completed quickly, with minimum fuss and to your satisfaction.

To make sure our repairs service is the best it can be, we’ve listened to your feedback in reviewing what we currently do and identifying ways to improve. Over the last six months, we’ve sought your views and considered your recent experiences of services received. We’re now revising our repairs policy, taking into account your feelings and ideas for a better service.

What you’ve told us

Each month, we survey a sample of tenants who’ve had a recent repair to their home. We make sure the sample is representative of different circumstances and types of repairs needed. Feedback over the last six months showed:

  • 94.6% of those surveyed were satisfied with how we dealt with a recent repair;
  • The main things you were unhappy about were the time taken to complete a repair and the communication from us.

We also ran a repairs policy survey in October. The survey invited you to tell us how reasonable you think our timescales are for visiting your home to carry out emergency, urgent or routine repairs, and asked about convenient times and days for us to visit you from Monday to Saturday.

We put this survey out on our website, Facebook and Twitter. We publicised it at our UCAN centres and through our Contact Centre, and we invited former members of the previous Voices tenant consultation group to take part. We received more than 100 responses to this survey – thank you to those who got involved. The main findings were:

  • Some of you felt the 24 hour timescale for emergency repairs could be too long in some cases - mainly for more vulnerable tenants such as some older people, those with disabilities and families with young children. We already prioritise visits to our most vulnerable tenants, so it was helpful to know we need to communicate this more widely and clearly.
  • Late afternoon or evening appointments were the most popular times. We do offer a range of appointment times, the reason we suggest morning appointments is to allow more time to finish the job in one visit if extra time or parts are needed, to save you the inconvenience of a follow-up appointment another day. Jobs not being completed on first appointment are common complaints and so we try to prevent this. Still, expanding our scheduling of appointments where we can is something we’ll now consider.

What happens next

We’ve reviewed our repairs policy, considering the feedback you and other tenants have given us recently and previously, and we’re also making sure it’s up-to-date with new legislation.

We’re looking to upgrade our service by replacing bathroom and kitchen doors, replacing failed double glazing in any room and upgrading ventilation before we re-let a home.

The updated policy will come into effect from late March, with Board approval. We’ll give you details about changes in the policy, through our website and in the next edition of this newsletter.

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