A new type of home coming to Bolton

In the last edition of Tap4 we talked about our commitment to providing 1,400 new homes by March 2024 to help meet the high demand from local people for quality affordable homes. To help us achieve our goal we’ve been exploring new and innovative ways to build high-quality, energy-efficient homes much more quickly.

At Little Lever in Bolton, on land off Victory Road, we’re now putting this research into practice with the development of 22 modular two and three-bedroom homes for affordable rent. It will be the first development of its kind in the borough.

In recent years, modular homes – which are factory-built and assembled on site – have become much more sophisticated in their design and flexibility. Modern versions are a million miles away from the post-war prefabs, which were originally intended to last for just 10 years. Nowadays, modular homes are just as desirable and comfortable to live in as traditionally-built homes.

At Little Lever, the precision-engineered units will be built by the ground-breaking modular housebuilder, ilke Homes, and assembled by construction, energy and regeneration specialist, ENGIE.

The highly-insulated homes are made up of a lightweight steel frame and a brick and render finish. Once the groundwork and landscaping is in place, it takes just two weeks to build a home. This means the development at Little Lever can be completed in around nine months, compared to 12 months if using traditional methods.

Housebuilders across the country are starting to use this new technology in an effort to tackle the housing crisis. Paul Philbin, head of development and home ownership at Bolton at Home says: “We’re proud to be embracing these modern methods of construction. Once built, you won’t be able to tell these homes have been created in a factory. We won’t build all of our homes this way, but there’s definitely a potential for us to use modular methods more in the future – which is exciting.”

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