Donate it, sell it or recycle it

Ways to remove unwanted furniture

We know that getting rid of unwanted household items can be a headache, with bulky pieces of furniture like sofas and mattresses sometimes difficult to remove from your home.

Fly tipping has become a growing problem across the country and we know it’s a problem for tenants too. In the 12 months between April last year and March this year, we helped 700 tenants remove unwanted items left in their garden. This extra work came from following-up tenants’ complaints about the state of neighbouring gardens. We charge the tenant if we need to remove items they won’t, as it wouldn’t be right for us to spend your rent monies in this way.

While it’s widely understood that it’s a tenant’s responsibility to keep their garden to a reasonable standard under the terms of the tenancy agreement, it’s sometimes less obvious how to remove things no longer needed.

If your item is in good condition, you could:

  • Donate it for reuse via organisations like Emmaus (01204 398056) or Bolton Community Transport and Furniture Services (01204 364777).
  • Ask friends or family whether they’d like to buy it or take it for free.
  • List the item on social media or an online selling site – either for sale or for free – and ask the buyer to collect it. Old pieces of furniture can be recycled or restored and it’s surprising what people will buy.

If your item can’t be repaired or isn’t fit for use, you should:

  • Arrange for your items to be collected by Bolton Council. You can get more information or arrange a collection here. Or ring 01204 336632 or email: the council charges £30 for up to five items. If you’re concerned about the cost, why not ask a neighbour if they need something collecting and then share the cost with them. Collections are made 7.30am-5pm on either a Tuesday or Thursday, depending on where you live.
  • Take your item to your local recycling centre at: Hurstwood Court, Raikes Lane, Bolton, BL3 2NP (Mon to Sun 8am-8pm) or Over Hulton, Salford Road, Over Hulton, BL5 1DG (Mon to Sat 8am-8pm; Sun and bank holidays 10am-5pm)
  • Check that anyone offering to dispose of your item for money, has a legitimate waste carrier licence. If found dumped somewhere, rubbish can be traced back to the owner who would be prosecuted and fined.

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