Our writing guide


This guide will help you to communicate with people efficiently and effectively. You’ll find recommendations, tips and techniques to inform and engage people through tone, choice of words, grammar and punctuation – all of which support the Bolton at Home brand.

The way we communicate with people – the language we use and the tone of our voice – affects how they perceive us. Our written communication plays an important role in delivering a good customer experience. When we interact with customers through our writing, we want them to leave feeling positive about us.

A valuable toolkit This ‘toolkit’ is for anyone who represents Bolton at Home by writing information for tenants and other stakeholders. This includes social media posts, letters, leaflets, newsletters, policies, campaigns, etc.

This style guide will help you to: • write with confidence; • think about your reader so that you’re able to connect with them; • save time when planning your communication; • make yourself easily understood; • strengthen our shared brand.