Welcome to our toolkit for creating brand consistent communications.

Want to be more confident or save time and energy when creating content in the name and style of Bolton at Home? This guide is for you.

How our content reads and looks is important for brand recognition and image. We should be easily identifiable in materials and messages for tenants, residents, colleagues and other stakeholders. And our information needs to be trusted if we want people to read or act on it.

We all benefit from building and protecting our corporate identity together and having a trusted brand.

This guide covers:

  • writing tips and techniques to be personable and professional, and to inform and motivate;
  • logos, font and colour palette details to support our visual identity;
  • social media good practice to be on brand, protect each other and strengthen our reputation;
  • document templates to save time and energy.

We’ve also included recommendations from organisations, including the Plain English Campaign, to create content that’s accessible and shouldn’t offend.

Happy reading.

If you’ve any questions, feedback or interest in other areas of copywriting and design- please get in touch with a member of the Partnerships, Marketing and Communications Team. Or email and one of us will get back to you. Thank you.