Welcome from our Board Chair and Chair of Operations Committee

Ian Munro, Board Chair

I’m delighted to introduce Bolton at Home’s Annual Report to tenants. The report aims to provide a view of how we’ve performed during the year and highlight our services and costs, as well as providing pointers about how we plan to further improve what we do for current and future tenants. The most obvious challenge we faced during the past year has of course been our response to COVID-19, which has affected each one of us in differing ways. I’m particularly pleased with the way in which we’ve managed to continue to provide a good range of services whilst endeavouring to keep our tenants and workforce safe. One of the big challenges has been to respond to requests for repair work on our homes in a safe manner. I think we’ve managed to keep the right balance over the last twelve months. There has been an inevitable backlog, particularly with some of the improvement work we had planned to do but most, if not all, essential repairs have been dealt with. I remain impressed with the work that has carried on keeping tenants informed about our work and the involvement of customers in continuing to improve our services. We’ve not waited for the Government to finally provide guidance or legislation telling us how to listen to our customers in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. I think we’re well ahead on many other housing associations in placing the voice of our customers at the heart of everything we do. Bolton at Home remains a key partner with a range of local agencies, particularly Bolton Council of course, and the joint working during lockdown has been outstanding, not just in Bolton but across the areas where we now operate, outside Bolton, which has grown over the year following our successful partnership with Arcon Housing Association. Reading the report may prompt questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there are things you think we should improve or change. Thank you, Ian

Peter Styche, Operations Committee Chair

The main focus of the Operations Committee’s work is to monitor the quality and delivery of Bolton at Home’s services to its customers and communities and we’re particularly pleased to note the extent to which services were maintained in the face of the major disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The way things had to change are highlighted in this report and I’d like to comment, on behalf of the committee, how we were impressed throughout by the response of everyone involved, going above and beyond their normal duties to maintain services when and wherever possible, not least by taking on additional voluntary roles in many areas. It’s pleasing to note that most services are beginning to be restored to something closer to normal and that repairs and maintenance backlogs are beginning to reduce. More information on these services is provided on page 8. The committee will continue to encourage and enable the drive for ensuring the safety and security of customers and communities reported on pages 19 and 20. Finally, I want to thank the members of the Operations Committee and Scrutiny Group for their support and contributions over the past year. A special thanks to those who’ve left us, as their terms of office came to an end, and a welcome to new members who’ve recently joined. Best wishes, Peter