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Tackling antisocial behaviour

We know that antisocial behaviour can severely impact the lives of people and goes beyond just being a nuisance. If not tackled it can cause real harm and destroy lives and ruin neighbourhoods.

We’re committed to tackling antisocial behaviour in our communities and work daily in close partnership with Bolton Council, Greater Manchester Police and other services to manage and resolve antisocial behaviour and support victims.


(450 of 472) of new antisocial behaviour reports (not including domestic abuse cases) were acted upon by us contacting or attempting to contact customers within our service targets of either one or five working days depending on the severity of incident.


(35 of 61) of customers said they were satisfied with how their case was handled.


(37 of 61) of customers said they were satisfied with how we updated them on what was happening during their case.


homes regained from cases of tenancy fraud between January and March 2021.

Nationally, antisocial behaviour increased during the pandemic. Reports across Greater Manchester grew by 15-20% as more people spent time at home or not in school, while neighbours reporting social distancing breaches were also logged as antisocial behaviour.

Our Neighbourhood Safety Team has worked with the police to use all legal powers and tools to tackle serious antisocial behaviour. These include injunction orders and closure orders supported by the police if a property was being used for serious antisocial behaviour and crime that impacted the local community.

We continued to deliver our neighbourhood safety services, with some constraints. Court thresholds for possession orders linked to antisocial behaviour were set higher and visits were restricted to serious cases and conducted jointly with our police partners.

Our Resolve Service also continued, moving to online mediation sessions, and tenants without internet access were also supported to ensure they weren’t excluded.

We attended daily COVID-19 enforcement meetings with organisational partners to share information, tackle COVID-19 rule breaches in neighbourhoods and ensure we focused our resources on repeat offenders.

We also used a new specialist antisocial behaviour case management system called REACT to support our service delivery and ability to work remotely.

In line with government legislation during the pandemic, and our work to support more people to resolve their money issues or rent arrears, there were no tenant evictions last year.

You can read more about our approach to antisocial behaviour and hate crime, and how to report them, here: