Meeting your housing needs -

Making empty homes available

When a tenant leaves a property - we check it, repair it as needed and let it out again in as short a time as possible.


spent on improving empty properties so they were ready for new tenants.


The average number of empty properties over 12 months.

52 days

The average time it took for us to check an empty property, carry out minor repairs and let it out to a new family or tenant.

The pandemic meant that we couldn’t let empty properties in the first few months of 2020 except for emergencies, and when we carried out repair work in the properties, we had to ensure that we did this safely.

For example, we had to reduce the number people who could work in a property at one time. This led to a higher number of empty properties and the length of time taken to re-let some was longer than normal. The number of empty properties has been falling again since January 2021.