Ensuring our business is well run, responsible and financially secure -

Be involved

You can make a difference.

We’re keen to involve you in what we do, and we offer a choice of ways for you to challenge our performance and shape our services.

If you want to help improve services for tenants, there are different ways that you can get started.

  • Let us know how we’re doing, by feeding back compliments, complaints or suggestions.
  • Help improve your local community by joining a community group or tenants’ or residents’ association.
  • Have a positive impact on our services to tenants and residents as a member of our tenant-led Scrutiny Group.
  • Take part in decision-making by applying to join our Operations Committee or Board when opportunities become available.
  • Give us your views to help us improve our services and policies as a member of the Resident Voice Channel, our new customer involvement programme.

By getting more involved with us you’ll:

  • Put your skills and experience to good use while learning new things.
  • Boost your confidence and wellbeing by being part of something worthwhile.
  • Connect with like-minded people and make new friends.
  • Feel proud knowing that you’re working to benefit others.

Over the last 10 years, hundreds of you have worked with us in a variety of ways – from volunteering in community projects to sitting on panels and completing surveys. Thank you.

Getting involved not only benefits our communities, it also gives you an opportunity to enhance your quality of life – as Eunice Rowley explains here: www.readtap4.online/tap4-issue-7/tenant-champion-eunice-rowley-interview